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3Chi Delta 8 THC Sauce Dab – Ice Cream Cake 1 Gram


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3Chi Delta 8 THC Sauce Dab – Ice Cream Cake 3Chi Delta 8 THC Sauce Dab – Ice Cream Cake has an unbeatable uplifting feel and is made of 95%25 Δ8THC oil and 5%25 cannabis-derived terpenes. This is the same oil found in our vape cartridges, but ready for dabbing. Ice Cream Cake is an Indica marijuana strain made by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. The strain features a creamy flavor profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sugary dough. Features ~900-950mg Delta 8 THC (90%25+) ~50-100 mg CBN , CBC , & terpenes no VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E , MCT , or any other cutting agent This a very pure, very concentrated product. It may be harsh on the throat to those who are not accustomed to concentrated cannabinoid products. Why Delta 8 Vape? Delta 8 vaping is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of delta 8. Not only can you bring it with you on the go (whether that’s from one room to the next, or whatever), it also offers the quickest effects, so you can get back to doing whatever it is you were doing. About 3Chi Delta 8 Sauces 3Chi Delta 8 THC sauces are the most potent Delta 8 sauces on the market, currently testing at around 900mg (90%25) of hemp-derived ∆8 THC. This product also includes minor amounts of CBN, and CBC taken from the top growers for the top brands in California and Oregon. *Note: This extract is extremely sticky.

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