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Bearly Legal Hemp Co Delta 8 THC Moonrocks with CBD CBG Kief – 3.5g


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Bearly Legal Hemp Co Delta 8 Moonrocks Bearly Legal Hemp Co Delta 8 THC Moonrocks are little nuggets of magical joy. Try them now! If youre going to spend the night at home, alone or with a few friends, at least lets make it fun! The Moonrocks will get you right in that sweet spot where you will not be thinking about Petty-Linda-from-Accounting, but you can still safely craft yourself a plate of your famous Nachos. Features: Made from Top Grade A+ Hemp Flower Nugs Gooey Terpene Infused Delta-8 Distillate Covered and coated in a proprietary CBD, CBG, and minor cannabinoids kief blend Max potency use with caution 3.5 Grams Glass Jar Bamboo lid 100%25 legal Why Delta 8 Moonrocks? First, we know you do a masterful job of rolling, and honestly when is not a flex to roll a pretty one? Delta 8 Moonrocks is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of delta 8. Not only can you bring it with you on the go (whether that’s from one room to the next, or whatever), it also offers the quickest effects, so you can get back to doing whatever it is you were doing. About Bearly Legal Hemp Co Bearly Legal Hemp Co offers some of the highest quality delta 8 THC products on the market. However, they add their own fun and wild twist. Furthermore, their delta 8-infused hemp is grown indoors year-round. Their extracts and offerings are made from meticulously selected boutique strains you won’t find elsewhere.

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