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Chill Plus Delta 8 + CBD Tincture Oil – 1000X 500mg


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Chill Plus Delta 8 + CBD Tincture Oil – 1000X Chill Plus Delta 8 + CBD Tincture Oil – 1000X combines 500mg of Delta-8 with 500mg of all-natural, hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD. Like all of Chill Plus products, it’s all organic and grown on non-GMO farms. Features 500mg delta 8 Fast-acting 30ML size Organic Non-GMO Features of Delta-8 THC CBG is converted to Delta 8 THC through sophisticated processing techniques. Here are some other features to be aware of: THC D8 is fully legal in all 50 States Delta 8 is derived from hemp D-8 THC products are 3rd party tested About Chill Plus Chill Plus is the ultimate brand of delta 8 gummies and other products infused with an extra dose of chill. Hand-crafted from all-natural, organic ingredients, the Chill Plus line offers a wide selection of delicious and flavorful treats. They’re perfect for chilling wherever you are. This brand operates out of sunny Florida. In fact, you can taste the sunshine in all of their products!

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