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Chill Plus Delta 8 Distillate Oil Syringe – 800X 400mg 1ml


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Chill Plus Delta 8 Distillate Oil Syringe Chill Plus Delta 8 Distillate Oil Syringe, you’re in for one amazing ride. Features 400mg of CBD 400mg of Delta 8 THC Under 0.3%25 of THC Full Spectrum Chill Plus uses only the best extraction methods to produce the cleanest CBD ever. Chill Plus Vape Distillate Oil is like nothing you’ve ever used before. It’s free from any additives or impurities, leaving you with only pure, natural, hemp-derived CBD the way that nature intended. Try Chill Plus Vape Distillate Oil today and see how Full Spectrum Delta-8 distillate is head and shoulders above the rest. All of the brand’s CBD vape oil products are lab tested for quality and safety, guaranteeing you a high-quality product that you can trust. Suggested Use: To administer, slowly push the oil out of the syringe. If the oil feels solid or hardened, simply warm the applicator by placing the syringe in a cup of warm water or warmer of your choice for a few minutes. Once the oil has loosened enough, simply push out the oil from the syringe for dosage. You can also warm the syringe by rolling it repeatedly in your hands. The recommended dosage is a rice grain. Do not take more than the recommended dosage . Concentrates can be absorbed sublingually, vaporized, or through digestion. Sublingual or edible form effects are delayed through the absorption process but are prolonged.

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