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Dimo Delta 9 Gummies – Green Apple Sour Belts 200mg


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Green Apple Sour Belts Delta-9 Infused – 200mg Flavor: Green Apple Sour Belts Taste: Apple, Pear, Sweet Effects: Giggly, Tingly, Aroused This tart and sweet sour belt delivers a genuine taste of green apple, as if you were to bite into one on the spot. Flavorful and juicy with just the right amount of pucker power! Precisely infused with From Dimo Hemp comes the latest Premium edible; Delta-9 Green Apple Sour Belts. The hemp derived D9THC edible contains 10 pieces with 20mgs per piece and 200mg per pouch. Green Apple Sour Belts is a spot-on sugar dusted blended with tangy green apple. Edibles are becoming one of the most popular methods of consuming THC. One of the benefits is lack of odor and taste of the terpenes. Based on each individual, the Premium Delta-9 Edibles may take 30 minutes to a couple of hours to take effect. Everyones digestive system is different based on weight, sex, food in the stomach, THC tolerance, and metabolism. Premium Delta-9 THC Edible 200mg Per Pouch 20mg Per Piece 10 Servings

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