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Dimo Delta 9 Gummies – Mango Sour Belts 200mg


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Mango Sour Belts Delta-9 Infused – 200mg Flavor: Mango Sour Belts Taste: Mango, Citrus, Sweet Effects: Hungry, Sleepy, Relaxed These bright & succulent sour belts are loaded with mouth-watering, juicy flavor and dusted with a pop of sour sugar. Satisfy your taste buds with their tangy, tropical goodness. Premium Delta-9 Edibles: Mango Sour Belts From Dimo Hemp comes the latest Premium edible; Delta-9 Mango Sour Belts. The hemp derived △9THC edible contains 10 pieces with 20mgs per piece and 200mg per pouch. Mango Sour Belts is a delicious tropical juicy taste of ripe mango dusted off with tangy sugar. Edibles are becoming one of the most popular methods of consuming THC. Premium Delta-9 THC Edible 200mg Per Pouch 20mg Per Piece 10 Servings

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