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Exhale Delta 8 Flower – Skywalker OG 7G


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Skywalker OG Delta-8 THC flower is a strain like few others. It brings you the fruity, piney, spicy, and citrusy notes of Skywalker OG with the potent and clear-headed benefits of Delta-8 THC. Never before have the calming, sedative effects of Skywalker OG had such a perfect pairing as with Delta-8 THC. But don’t take our word for it! Once you experience these dense, sticky buds for yourself, you’ll see exactly why Skywalker OG is one for the record books. Strain: Skywalker OG Premium Delta-8 Hemp Flower Glass Jar with Child-Resistant Cap 100%25 Naturally Grown 3rd Party Lab Tested Non-GMO Federal Farm Bill Compliant

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