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Flawless THC-O Gummies – Fruit Smash 25mg 50 Count


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Your regular, everyday cannabinoid may strive for perfection, but with THC-O, you get something better – a buzz that’s flawless. With Flawless THC-O Cubes Gummies, now in our potent Fruit Smash combo, you get the world’s most powerful hemp-based cannabinoid built on a foundation of CBD in three mouthwatering flavors – pineapple, strawberry, and watermelon. Each jar has approximately 1250mg of THC-O – that’s about 25mg per gummy to give you a burst of buzzworthy THC-O in every bite. And with Flawless THC-O Cubes Gummies in our Fruit Smash combo, you’ll experience first-hand a cannabinoid that takes you to another plane of existence. The three flavor mix of pineapple, strawberry, and watermelon will rock your taste buds, while the extra-strength cannabinoid will kick your systems into high gear, leaving you refreshed reinvigorated, and ready to ride the rainbow into the stratosphere. Try Flawless THC-O Cubes Gummies in our Fruit Smash combination today, but be prepared; these aren’t your grandparent’s edibles. THC-O is a powerful hemp-derived cannabinoid that requires you to be prepared and demands your respect. These gummies are best enjoyed with friends who can help keep the atmosphere chill. And don’t worry, like all of our products, Flawless THC-O Cubes Gummies are third-party tested to ensure there are no synthetics or impurities in every batch.

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