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KAPOWDER Strength in Beauty: NA.


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KAPOWDER Strength in Beauty: NA. KAPOWDER Strength in Beauty: NA. STRENGTH is an all natural vegan protein blend, crafted using the highest quality ingredients. Zero synthetics. The combination of three powerful plant proteins, hemp seed, bio-fermented brown rice, and pea protein helps support muscle repair and bone health.This combo creates a highly nutritional, easy digestible protein powder perfect for people sensitive to lactose, gluten and soy.. A bio-fermented live protein powder to tone and recover tired muscles, reduce stress, promote energy and daily nutrition. Vegan, non GMO formula free of gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, corn, preservatives and artificial nutrients or minerals. Key Unique Ingredients: Peruvian Cacao, Whole Grain Brown Rice, Maca Root, Coconut. 7.5 oz resealable matte white pouch. Recommended intake: 2 teaspoons daily in conjunction with a balanced diet and active lifestyle to improve wellness and vitality. Best prepared in filtered water, coconut water, any nut milk or smoothie of your choice. KAPW-WU1. STRENGTH. KAPOWDER was born in 2014 founded by Sara Davey and created to fit easily into your daily routine and lifestyle, with a minimalist approach to a highly crafted collection of all natural formulas, that fulfil your wellness and beauty lifestyle. By adding essentials into your daily routine, it will purify, alkaline, boost energy, maintain a healthy weight and enhance skin collagen, improve skin health, gut health and overall well-being without damaging our beautiful planet or furry friends. Later on in 2019, they welcomed model Valentina Ferrer as owner. Both women worked alongside their trained team of scientists and nutritionist’s to adapt and grow the company into a worldwide favorite. KAPOWDER is an Australian-owned and run company. Their trained team have carefully selected and crafted their products by using ethically sourced ingredients with have proven efficiency. All products are vegan, organic, gluten free, GMO free and cruelty free.

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