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Kush Burst Delta 8 THC Gummies – Juicy Pineapple 50mg 10 Count


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About Kush Burst Delta 8 THC Gummies Bright, fruity flavors are always welcomed with cannabis gummies, and these delta 8 gummies by Kush Burst are outstanding! Each gummy is packed with the sweet flavors of Pineapple Punch and a very potent 50mg dose of delta 8 THC. An ideal choice for customers looking for long-lasting effects wrapped in a delicious Pineapple Punch flavor! Always start slow with delta 8 gummies, especially if youve not had gummies or if you havent had a dose this potent. Feel free to cut gummies in half (or even in quarters) to work your way up to a comfortable, satisfying dose! Kush Burst Delta 8 THC Gummies FAQs Do Kush Burst Delta 8 THC Gummies have sugar? Yes! These delta 8 gummies have sugar, like most gummy-styled cannabis products. If you want to enjoy delta 8 THC without the sugar, consider dabs, tinctures, or flower. Can I cut delta 8 THC gummies into halves or quarters? Yes! If you are new to gummies , delta 8 THC, or a dosage this strong, its encouraged that you dont take a full gummy for your first dose. Theres nothing wrong with cutting the gummy in halves or quarters so you can work up to your preferred dose. Are delta 8 THC gummies legal? Delta 8 THC products (including gummies) are currently federally legal (though those laws are subject to change). However, many states have moved to ban the sale of delta 8 THC, so youll need to check your local laws to make sure it is legal to purchase and possess delta 8 THC. About Direct Delta 8 At Direct Delta 8, we make sure that every single brand we carry meets our strict quality standards. Whether youre buying delta 8 edibles, distillates, or other products, you can trust we have tested them for quality, that third party lab reports are available and prove whats in each product, and that all products are manufactured in the USA. We also make it easy to get products from our store into your hands. Every customer can expect: Free shipping on orders $50 or more 100%25 secure checkout Discrete delivery directly to your door Were certain that once you buy from us, you wont want to buy from anywhere else!

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