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Torch Haymaker Blend Disposable | 2.2g Torch is one the biggest names in the hemp industry and it is no surprise they put out some rock solid products. These Torch Haymaker Blend Disposables are extremely potent containing a triple blend of THC-H, Delta-11 THC, & THC-JD. Each Haymaker Blend disposable contains 2.2 grams of distillate plus terpenes making for a long lasting experience. It’s been said by users that Torch’s Haymaker Blend disposable have a very minimal defect rates in regards to any clogging, faulty battery, or leaking. The reasoning behind that is because they use the latest cutting edge innovative technology in all of their hardware. Torch offers 7 delicious terpene flavor profiles for the Haymaker Blend Disposables. We suggest to start out by taking 2-3 puffs and waiting 3-4 minutes to adjust for tolerance of desired results. Torch Haymaker Blend Disposable Strains • Georgia Pie – (Sativa) • Lychee Snow – (Sativa) • Pink Rozay – (Hybrid) Product Info • Naturally hemp derived terpenes • Made in the USA with Industrial Hemp • Third-party lab tested • Phenomenal Vapor Production • Coil Technology for great flavor • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant containing less than .3%25 delta-9 thc

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