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Qwin THC-O Syrup – Mango 200mg


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Qwin THC-O Syrup – Mango Introducing “Sweet Life” by QWIN! Qwin THC-O Syrup features hemp-derived THC-O in a delicious Mango flavor. Effects are fast-acting and perfect for any time you want a cerebral high with visuals. Sweet Lifes Syrup includes 200mg of THC-O per 2 oz bottle and is marked for easy dosing – giving you ten 20mg doses per bottle. Mix it with a drink if you dont already have a delta 8 seltzer . Flavor Profile: Mango is a delicious dose of ripe mangos and THC-O whenever you want it. Ingredients: Purified water, cane sugar, sugar, natural flavors, citric acid, THC-O. THC-O derived from Cannabis sativa lab-tested About Qwin To reach this superior quality, Qwin focuses on only one line of products: vape cartridges. With two uniquely crafted series, they explore the strains and flavors of everyday life. The Kush series features strain-specific profiles inspired by some of today’s most popular cannabis genetics. The Original Series flirts with fruity flavors and strains to bring just a little more punch to your day. Because you shouldn’t have to worry about what is in your vape, you should just be able to enjoy it. For that reason, Qwin Delta 8 is thoroughly tested and is free of pesticides, heavy metals, and microbials. Puffing on a cartridge will help you ease your anxiety, reduce stress, and in turn feel more motivated and energetic- especially with their Sativa dominant flavors. If you ask us, this product is really a game-changer.

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