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Sexy Hair Calm Mini Trio 3-pc. Value Set, One Size

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What it Does CBD is known as cannabidiol & is hemp derived. Unlike THC, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects. CBD is chocked full of vitamins A, B, C, & E and minerals including Zinc and Iron as well as Fatty Acids. When used together, Cannabae & high five soothing shampoo & conditioner will revitalize dull, damaged strands promoting shinier, healthy hair from roots to ends. Leaf in- leave in soothing conditioner treatment reduces breakage while adding moisture and shine to sooth from roots to ends for healthier hair starting at the scalp. NOT APPROVED BY THE FDA, State restrictions apply for shipping; this product cannot be shipped to Idaho, Nebraska, and North Dakota.How to Use Cannabae Shampoo: You know the drill. Lather, rinse & repeat if necessary. Perfect when paired with High 5 Conditioner. Singing in the shower not required, but highly recommended. High Five Conditioner: After washing with Cannabae Shampoo, apply High 5 Conditioner from scalp to ends. Just let it chill and soak it all in for about 3-5 minutes before rinsing. Zen vibes sold separately. Leaf In Leave In Conditioner: Here to ease the stress, so just relax, spritz from roots to ends on damp hair for nourishment starting at the scalp and we’ll take care of the rest. To dry or not to dry, the decision is up to you…no judgements.# Pieces In Set: 3Features: Travel SizeConcerns: ShineCountry of Origin: Made in US

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