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TRĒ House Delta 8 + D9 + D10 + THCO Vape Pen – Rainbow Sherbet 2g


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Ready to get schwifty? Our TRĒ House Rainbow Sherbet Hybrid pen is packed with a unique combination of cannabinoids that’ll get you seriously lit! This disposable vape pen is easy-to-use, tastes incredible, and is rechargeable so you get to enjoy approximately 800 puffs. Impressed? Just wait until you take a puff! 1250mg of Delta 8 per pen 5mg of Delta-9 per pen 500mg of Delta-10 per pen 60mg of THC-O per pen Tastes like the popular Rainbow Sherbet Cannabis Strain Rechargeable for maximum enjoyment (Approx. 800 puffs!) Disposable Can get you lifted AF Warnin May cause psychotropic effect We offer a ton of great products, but the Rainbow Sherbet Hybrid pen is one of our absolute favorites. This impressive pen is packed with 1250mg of Delta-8 THC for a great body buzz, 5mg of Delta-9 for that classic THC feel, 500mg of Delta-10 to keep you mellow, and 60mg of THC-O to make your experience just a little bit trippy. If you love THC and want to experience the best lift imaginable, then you need to pick up a Rainbow Sherbet Hybrid pen and start puffing!

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