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TRĒ House Delta 8 Gummies + HHC + THC-O – Tropic Mango 35mg 20 Count


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TRĒ House Delta 8 Gummies With HHC + THC-O – Tropic Mango If you love getting wasted and chomping down on delicious gummies, you’re going to flip out over our TRĒ House Tropic Mango Gummies. These tasty little devils are packed with 20mg of Delta-8, 10mg of HHC, 2mg THCO, and 3mg of CBD per gummy. This inventive combination of cannabinoids provides you with a perfectly balanced head and body experience that is intensely relaxing and mildly trippy. What more could you ask for? Now grab your gummies and let’s get lifted! 20mg Delta-8 per serving 10mg HHC per serving 3mg full-spectrum CBD per serving 2mg THC-O per serving Benefits Relaxation Mood Elevation Body Buzz Head Buzz Mildly Trippy Directions for Best Results: Gummies are quite possibly the easiest way to get lit. If you’ve ever eaten anything, this is going to be a breeze. Simply decide on the appropriate serving size, remove the gummy from the package, and chow down! Our gummies are super strong, so we highly recommend starting with just a half gummy then waiting 30-45 minutes to see how you feel. You can always eat more if you want to reach for the moon!

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