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TRĒ House Live Resin THC-O + THC-P Vape Cartridge – White Widow 1G


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If you’re on the hunt for a truly premium THC-O cart, look no further! At TRĒ House, we’re committed to bringing you the highest quality products imaginable. This potent vape cart offers 1 gram of carefully measured THC-O, an unbelievably tasty flavor profile, and is enhanced with some impressively trippy THC-P. When you want to indulge in the taste of classic cannabis and a completely unique buzz, there’s no better choice than our White Widow THC-O + THC-P vape cart! Product Features: A full gram of High Potency THC-O + TCH-P with Live Resin Delta 8 Tastes like the popular White Widow Cannabis Strain Hybrid Strain ZERO Additives Keep your arms & legs inside the ride until it comes to a full stop Warnin May cause psychotropic effect Benefits: Relaxation Mood Elevation Body Buzz Head Buzz Mildly Trippy Directions for Best Results: Our THC-O carts are incredibly easy to use. These powerful carts come pre-loaded with a full gram of premium THC-O and THC-P, are compatible with any 510 threaded device, and are ready to go right out of the box! All you need to do is screw the cart onto your device, put it to your lips, and have a puff! If you’re new to THC-O, we highly recommend taking things slow , especially when combined with super powerful THC-P. Start by taking one puff, waiting 20-30 minutes to see how you feel, and then decide whether or not you want to get more baked. If you want to experience more powerful effects, just have another puff!

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