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Urb Finest Flowers Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar – Dark Chocolate 300mg


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Urb Finest Flowers Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar – Dark Chocolate Do you have a sweet tooth and prefer edibles to vapes to protect your lungs health? Urb Finest Flowers Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar – Dark Chocolate might be your go-to from now on. The bar delivers a sweet balance of chocolate and Delta 8 THC. Created with premium ingredients, this Delta 8 THC-infused chocolate bar invokes a feeling of luxury with its smooth and creamy texture. Dark chocolate has rich flavors and is a true indulgence for any chocolate lover. Perfect for an evening on the couch after a long week! Easily breaks into twelve pieces (25 mg per piece) and is perfectly sized for accurate dosing and satisfying your sweet tooth. Features: 300mg of Delta 8 THC 12 pieces 25mg per piece Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk Fat, Lecithin (Soy), natural flavors. *May contain nuts Suggested Use: You know yourself better than anyone else! If you typically do not need a lot to feel the effects of Delta 8, or are unsure about your tolerance, start with half of a piece and give it 20 minutes to an hour. Better safe than sorry! Keep away from children and pets. Not recommended to breastfeeding or pregnant people. About Urb Finest Flowers: Urb Finest Flowers is brought to you by Lifted Made. These companies place an overarching focus on their mantra, “quality over everything.” Urb’s products are particularly unique for their use of nanotechnology. This nanotechnology allows components of their various formulas to be better absorbed by your body. All of Urb’s products are diligently tested for purity and potency. None of their products contain detectable levels of THC.

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