AirVape USA

If you are looking for a new experience with vaping, check out AirVape USA. Featuring the newest futuristic styles of vaping technology. Now, you can have faster heating with controllable temperature and wireless charging to be powered on the go. Engineered by Apollo Design and Tech, you can expect the greatest quality that is totally abstract from the other normal vape companies since they include hemp textile, vegan leather, and gold. Come experience the top-quality vapes for an unforgettable vaping experience. 

AirVape Legacy

The newest member of the family of vapes is here, the AirVape Legacy. It is so ahead of its time that Air Vape itself said with confidence that it does not only follow the trend of discovery in the industry. Instead, it raised the expectation to a whole different level of satisfaction. The new technology equipped into the Vape Legacy features to use for loose leaf and oil concentrates, two-button temperature control from 200F to 464F, and a removable glass air patch. It also has a ceramic mouthpiece to prevent it from breaking easily. Unlike other traditional vaporizers that have plastic, the design of the AirVape Legacy has no animal leather, but vegan leather with 24K gold plates. To make charging easier, you can now use the featured USB C cable to charge it wirelessly. With the AirVape Legacy, you certainly will not be disappointed. 

AirVape X 

You need a vape to heat up in a fast amount of time. No worries, the AirVape X is the perfect product for you. It is a dry herb vaporizer with a heating time up to 20 seconds to a favorable level, making it the ultimate vape for discreteness. Combined with convection and conduction technology, the compartment under the oval-shaped chamber gives a fast accumulation of hot air. You will then exhale a smooth and original vape with even heating for relaxation. Also, another benefit about the AirVape X is that it is pocket-sized and has a vibrator. Now you can sense the heat and time it wherever you go. If you accidentally drop it in water, don’t worry, the water-soluble parts will shield it from any water damage. For the vaping rookie or connoisseur, you cannot go wrong with the AirVape X.

AirVape XS Go

Do you need an on-the-go vaporizer that is inexpensive and discreet? Look no further, AirVape XS-Go is the perfect product for you. With its small size and comfort grip, the regular vape user will thrive with this product. Just like its other vape products, the XS Go is equipped with fast heating and loose-leaf vaporizer technology. It’s a symbol of the Seed of Life that is discreet by hiding a tool for the chamber underneath it. Although it is all black, the designers gave it a unique dual filter for useful ceramic airflow, making it heat up to 20 seconds max. For only $69.99, there is no better reason to try the smell, dirt, and waterproof vaporizer that will forever change the way you vape. 

 AirVape Om

The new AirVape Om is here and awing people already. Coming in leather, and carbon, and 3 different caps to conceal your cartridges, it is no wonder why customers are loving this unique vape pen experience. Looking like a keychain, it hits like a dream come true and is unbelievably discreet. If you are worried about putting it together, no worries, AirVape has designed this product to be ridiculously easy to assemble for use with magnetic power. Weighing only 1.6 oz, you can easily fit this Om vape pen into your pocket, jacket, or just about anywhere you go. It is also reconcilable with 510 other thread profiles that are in the market. Don’t wait, get this vape pen now for only $59.99 today before they sell out.