Other Edibles besides CBD Gummies

Many of these CBD companies have other necessities instead of edibles. Just CBD has a small-sized selection of CBD honey sticks, making it a perfect match for a relaxing snack or dessert. These bars contain organic hemp and honey with a strong crunch of 10 mg CBD per bar. All ingredients are made in America, no doubt it does the job of satisfying your sweet tooth. It’s also small, so it’s perfect for traveling. 

Unlike gummies and other dessert-style edibles, there are also munchies like chips that can be infused with CBD. Dr. Strain has made a successful D8 experiment combining CBD with chips. He came up with the names flaming hot Weedos, and cheese flavored Doweedos. Making it the favorite snack for lunch on the go. The CBD in the chips will be enough to last someone a full day of relaxation. 

If you want to forgo THC or fresh taste, try Mission Farms Mint CBD. Each coin contains 20 mg of CBD. It has been shown to be stronger than capsules or chewing gum and absorbs up to 5 times more CBD as it is absorbed in the mouth and then digested, making it ideal for professionals who need to breathe quickly and freshly.